Sunday, February 23, 2014


Do you know what that is? I have it, I have FOMO...Fear of Missing Out. I have always struggled with this. I remembered days in high school feeling like the world was going to end if I wasn't out with friends on a weekend night. In college, it continued. As a big ole grown up living in a tech world, it strikes me even harder and understandably so.

Along with the FOMO, I struggle with GSS- Gold Star Syndrome. (Ok, I made that one up)! GSS is the constant need for that star, the approval from others that what I do is validated, good and important. I know I'm not alone in this so I wanted to put it out there. The combo of FOMO/GSS is exacerbated greatly by our access to social media. The spiral spins out of control quickly for us seekers to constantly check in on our Instagram accounts, Facebook and whatever else we use.

A few nights ago while on a run I was listening to a podcast (because if I'm not multi tasking, I'm wasting time, right?) Two things struck me through this podcast. I am a teacher of health but I am not the best student. Head down plowing ahead, I had gone for five miles without once looking up at the beauty that surrounds me. I live in a forest of green, tall giants and my eyes have been fixated on the ground. Aha! Secondly, this GSS really only exists in my mind. My kids and husband love me not for what I accomplish each and every day, but unconditionally. So why can't I love myself that way? And for the FOMO, well that is just something that I need to work through. I had big plans for this weekend and instead ended up with the stomach flu and on my back in bed. I missed celebrating a friend's birthday, teaching my TRX class, running errands, getting the house clean and organized and filling up my Polar Loop so I could get an "active day". But I lived. It's going to be okay.

So here is what I have come up with. I need parameters of social media self control. Facebook and Instagram will get my attention at set times of the day. Email will be checked and replied to in the same fashion. I'm going to focus on lifting up my gaze and taking in my surroundings. I will practice being happy with life the way it is. So starting now, I'm signing off and getting to self care. Peace.