Monday, October 14, 2013

Almond Coco Cups

Oh man do I love clean eating treats. I am overcoming a monstrous sweet tooth and this recipe sure helps to conquer! This yummylicious concoction is super simple, loaded with good fats and puts that crazy craving to bed. With these around I don't even look twice at those nasty candy corns anymore.

Heat 1 cup coconut butter, 1 cup almond butter, 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips, 1 tsp coconut oil in a pan until it melts together. Drop into mini muffin wrappers (learned that the hard way!) and refrigerate. I experimented with a drizzle of honey on top after pouring which makes for a drippy surprise when eating. Try em out and leave a comment how you like them! Kid tested and approved...:)

For my longer training rides I have been forming these into bars with chia seeds....makes me want to ride all day long! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Flying Feet

   I LOVE when runners get a pic taken of them and both feet are off the ground. Yea for me, cause now I have one, too. :)

   Yesterday I ran the inaugural Fall City Half Marathon which turned out to be a really nice race. Inaugural is code for a.) DECENT entry prices b.) small and cozy and c.) low stress (which is great for training).

   Fall City is special to us anyway. It's where we lived for two years when we left Las Vegas and I homeschooled the kids and learned how to knit and bake and had really clean toilets. It's where my honey is still a volunteer firefighter and spends a chunk of his time. It's beautiful and tiny and homey so this was a no brainer of a race. Not to mention that you run through flat, entirely
F L A T roads along the country side in fall. Get the picture??

   If you are local and like to plan ahead put this one on your books for next October and go to Between now and the end of October, you can sign up for next year for only $35. BoomSmack!

Friday, October 11, 2013


I am on a hunt for something "super cute" to wear for Ironman AZ next month. Now I have loved my Betty stuff for sure but this....this is so awesome!

Introducing the Chicked line from Minnesota. They are new, they are fantastic and darnit, why didn't I come up with this?!  In case you aren't familiar with being "chicked" it's simply when you're passed by a girl/lady/grandma/anyone in a skirt... on the course. The phrase has been around for awhile and the smart ladies behind the clothing line are brilliant for launching their product.

Check out the link here. Then check out what I'll be sportin'!