Monday, October 13, 2014

On the Road Again

This weekend marked my break up with my hairline fracture.  This relationship with injury is OVER. And to celebrate this kicking the boot to the curb, I laced up and hit the road.

Now I'm kind of a maniac about many things I do so this was important that I truly do it right. The smart way to make a comeback is slowly. I say this mostly for myself because I give great, sound advice but I don't always follow that protocol. When we runners come back after taking time off, we have to do a solid warm up and then a run/walk combo. If you have a device that you can set to let you know when it's time to walk, it makes things a lot easier. Otherwise, ten minutes will fly by and you'll be thinking "I feel so good, I can keep going". And that mentality is seriously a trap! Make a simple plan, set your length of time and enjoy easing back in. (Should I say that again??) Repeat this method for the first 3-4 runs before adding time and speed back in.

If you are a garmin/running toy kind of person like me, you need to only use it to measure your length of time or set distance. DO NOT focus on the total time it takes to reach that set distance. Speed will come back in with patience and smart thinking. Promise! 

Stay positive, my wounded warrior running friends and I'll see you out there.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Those Aren't Chia Seeds

Last month I read a post from one of my faves, the Food Babe.  (If you don't know her yet, you should!) I thought it was pretty creepy and then moved on with my day. Now you need to know that I am a huge clean mouth lunatic. I floss numerous times a day and even use a little scraper to fend off any yucky thing in the mouth. I pride myself on that constant 'just came from the dentist look and feel'. Last week at the dentist my hygienist asked me what kind of toothpaste I used. This, I told her.

And then she showed me what she found way up in my gum. It looked just like this. They are most likely chia seeds, I told her. She reassured me it was blue and plastic bead. And if you read closely you'll see that these beads are made from the same substance as plastic bags. How toxic that these are lodged for who knows how long in our mouths. Better yet, I.HAD.NO.CLUE.

Do some research people and you'll see that these beads actually don't have any benefit. Another product that you think is giving you more bang with it's special features but can actually be quite harmful. These microscrubbers are going promptly into the garbage. Learning something new everyday, I am!