Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Channeling My Inner Bendy-Barbie

This week starts a new chapter for me and in true new chapter form, I'm excited and nervous. I am embarking on my yoga teacher training. 200 hours of training as a matter of fact. Six committed weekends (Th-Sun) from now until March of learning, practicing and growing. A financial and time constraint for my family and one more thing on my long list of involvements. So again...excited and nervous. I envision that this will be me by like day 3. Yes, Bendy-Barbie, here I come.

Yoga is something I have loved for years. I began practicing it 12 years ago while pregnant with our middle child. I felt so incredibly good at the time and I swear it helped with delivery as well as shaped his nature. Since then I have been on and off with my practice, knowing full well that I should just stay in that on mode. Yoga helps my tight runner hamstrings immensely. I helps me to feel calm in a brain that constantly wants to go, see, do. It forces me to go internal and listen to what my body needs. It makes me quite frankly feel this cool!

So off I set for weekend 1/6. I'll wave goodbye to my kiddos, pack three thousand sports bras and walk into the proverbial sunset with my mat and water. And thinking ahead...I'd like to share the before and after shots because THIS is exactly what it will look like. 


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