Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Heart'n Betty!

This year I'm so super excited to be part of Team Betty 2K15. Betty Designs makes my race planning much more fun- I just can't wait to get my kit for my triathlons and visors for my running races plus all of the accessories and start training! But more than just the race wear, I've been having fun wearing my extra Betty bling all over town. The beanie comes in black and pink and trust me, it gets tons of compliments! I love that the designs are edgy and sweet at the same time.

Betty Designs also has a line "for the boys" with their Braveheart collection. From triathlon to streetwear, there is cool product for guys, too.

Next up on the list for me is the famous trucker hat but I just cannot decide which color...

Head on over to check out all things athletically awesome at Betty, today and check out the new Garden Party capris...You'll be hooked, promise!

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